Welcome to Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Ltd.!

Welcome to Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Ltd.!

For over 30 years, Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Ltd., has been serving clients in Livonia, Michigan, the West-Metro Detroit Area, and Nationally with premier investment advisory and financial planning services. Our independent, fee-based investment advisor representative is committed to helping our community and to forming personal relationships with our clients.

Financial & Portfolio Advisors offers a wide variety of financial services. Whether it’s investment, tax or retirement planning, our demographics-based approach will help set you up for financial success. We also assist our clients in deciding whether a comprehensive or modular style is more appropriate.

Professional Financial Services in Livonia, MI

Through relationships built on trust, Financial & Portfolio Advisors is able to provide customized financial and investment advice and solutions. We apply a fiduciary standard of care so you know for certain that any investment advice we give is in your best interest. Our experienced team is confident that our programs, dedication to excellence and commitment to client satisfaction will impress you.

At Financial & Portfolio Advisors, we treat our clients like family. We not only get to know you, but we’ll lend a helping hand in times of need and will regard your financial circumstances with the utmost importance.

For more information about our services or to schedule a FREE second opinion, call us today at (734) 261-4011.