Investment Management


Investment Management in Livonia, MI

One of the primary services we offer at Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Ltd., is investment advisory, or investment management. It’s is a key component of Asset Accumulation Strategy (AAS), which is a comprehensive service based on demographics. Clients may also explore our modular services if you’re interested in taking a more customizable financial approach.

Once we’ve agreed upon a portfolio strategy, our independent advisor representative will begin the ongoing process of managing your investment portfolio. While we know that we cannot anticipate future events when designing your portfolio, we believe valuable insights can be gained through research, such as studying demographics, historic trends, relationships between investment classes and the philosophies behind successful investment managers.

When it comes to developing your portfolio we understand the importance of appropriately allocating investment assets and risk tolerance. Using our experience, we’ll make recommendations with only your best interests in mind.

For clients that make use of our investment management or financial planning services, we also offer services such as retirement, estate, tax and life insurance planning, and general consultation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our investment or financial services, contact us at (734) 261-4011.